Michel Sogny’s method turns the hard learning of piano playing into a very simple and motivating process, felt like a source of personal fulfillment.

Michel Sogny says about his method: «The music has come to vibrate through the deepest and most intimate resonances in us, it provides vital impulse. Not only teaching music means transmitting knowledge but also revealing people.

His approach is based on studying the cycle of works "Prolégomènes à une eidétique musicale”. These pieces (more than three hundred) were written to develop the creative imagination of the interpret, introducing him in a sonic universe that awakens senses and conscience.

The cycle of piano studies composed by Michel Sogny is another side of the formation. With both musical aesthetics and pedagogical efficiency, they progressively develop the technical freedom.

Michel Sogny has trained the first "adults prodigies”. After only 4 years of learning throughout Sogny’s method, adult student Michèle Paris performed an ambitious recital of demanding works in the famous concert hall Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris. The event was acclaimed by international media and remained unique in the history of music.

Today many very young gifted pianists study piano playing throughout Sogny’s revolutionary method.